GROUP SESSIONS for people of all physiques and level. Age shouldn’t be a factor if you want to start training (traditional martial arts have health benefits for people of alle ages); however, at this moment there are no kids-classes available. In the group training sessions the whole Seity vision (see the about section) will be covered. Please send an e-mail to to see if places are available.

Tuesday (Sloetstraat 66a in Arnhem) 19:30 – 21:00

PRIVATE CLASS, for people of all ages and level. Also for private groups up to four people. There is something to gain for everyone. Whether you want to become physically/mentally in better shape, be well grounded, purely train traditional martial arts, learn combat and self-defense, or everything all together, feel free to reach out. Private classes offer the opportunity to study the material in an even more personal setting, tailored to individual needs. If you have little time or special requests, feel free to reach out.