As a student of Hu Zheng Sheng (founder and ‘Shifu’ of the ‘Shaolin Temple Traditional Wushu Institute’ and the ‘Shaolin Temple XinYiBa Research Society’), his teachings are at the foundation of the Martial Arts being taught here at Seity. His lineage teaches very pure and traditional Shaolin Martial Arts where hard and soft come together. In this lineage of Shaolin boxing, each move is infused with the essence of XinYiBa, which is a rare skillset of the Shaolin Temple. The ancient art of XinYiBa is difficult to find these days and is only passed on to close disciples.  

Movement is powered using the whole body, with natural reflexes, instinct, intent, and efficient coordination. The training stresses the art of adapting (thus not being stuck to a single shape or movement frame) very quickly and instinctively to any situation.

This practice starts off empty, you fill yourself with knowledge, skills and experience. If you already know everything there’s not much more to discover. In the beginning you might experience discomfort. Your body is not used to this movement. After exploration and many hours of practice you will start to make things your own, you will take things that suit you and discard things that don’t. The mind body connection will shape itself, authenticity will arise. Style is no longer important, and you flow/express accordingly, here you are empty again.
That’s why you should always keep exploring and repeat these cycles with a beginners mindset, new connections will arise. Learn and make whatever you do your own, without too much judgement. Do no wait for goals or “levels” to be reached, every moment contributes. Trust the process and keep on learning.