“Seity is a growing concept where martial arts functions as a vehicle to grow as a person and become a stronger version of you. Experience the authentic Eastern Martial Arts principles in harmony with the Western contemporary wisdom and daily life.

It’s not just about attaining physical strength, but also gaining internal/mental power and health.
Relaxation and breathing are a crucial part of traditional martial arts. One of the core principles of traditional Shaolin is the symbolic ‘silent heart’. This will result in clear awareness, accepting ego, thoughts and being well grounded. The state of being in touch with yourself and your surroundings. Here we look for harmony between hard and soft, full and empty, external and internal within our training.

Aside from these aspects there will be emphasis on physical fitness, strength and explosiveness, flexibility, adaptability and body control. Of course you will learn how to apply techniques and principles you learn to experience the art of fighting. The Shaolin fighting practice requires ferociousness and vicious intent in combat. However, daily life requires cultivation of a kind heart. Even though we sometimes require “aggression” in our training (without actually being angry); the mind remains aware.

Within every element of training, breathing and awareness is crucial. Paying attention/listening to what your body tells you. Being aware of your thoughts (positive and/or negative) is good, but being aware of the body is sometimes forgotten (tension/looseness, blockades/flow, what do you feel?). Every individual is unique and therefore different approaches are mandatory. Forcing your body to do things it is not used to might not be the healthiest path. It is important to know yourself, minimize potential injuries and utilizing your maximum potential.

I have been schooled in the traditional Shaolin principles; therefore this will be the foundation for the biggest part of the classes. I’ve had the privilege of learning all kinds of good stuff from different teachers and masters. Different forms of movement arts have influenced my knowledge and skill: Sanda, boxing, Kashmir yoga, Muay Thai, dance, BaGua, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and TaiJi. Even though every “system” requires thousands of hours of dedication, there’s something to learn and gain everywhere. It is most essential to look at different elements that suit you and make them your own; this will give you more depth and insight. Martial arts should be an expression of pure creativity. Of course forms are passed on but there should always be the art of change and adaptability. Experience growth without limitation to a certain framework.”